Email is a convenient way to exchange information as you know but it’s also an excellent way to pass viruses and malware.

Look at the domain name – Always look at the address that an email has come from paying particular attention to the end of the address the part after the @ symbol which is the domain name for example or Many suspicious emails can be identified quickly as the domain name isn’t the same as the company they pretend to be sending from.

Don’t open .zip, or .exe files or follow links from random email addresses. If you have ever ordered anything online chances are an email from a courier or the Post Office might seem appropriate to open. You will never be sent files of this type without some prior instructions. Change your password regularly – Most of us are aware that financial institutions will never ask for any financial information via email but you need to ensure you change your password regularly a compromised email account can be used to inform you or other of changes to bank account for payments.