Fibre broadband is reaching more and more areas and a dual fibre based system can be much more cost effective than you think. Have we checked you connections recently to see if upgrades are in your area.

Fibre broadband is the future of broadband. Fibre broadband can deliver significantly faster download broadband speeds than conventional broadband (ADSL and ADSL2+) services.

Conventional ADSL broadband uses copper cables all the way from the exchange

Conventional broadband services were launched in 2000, and currently serve the vast majority of households in the UK, using ADSL and (more modern) ADSL2+ technologies. Conventional broadband is carried along copper

cables all the way from your BT exchange to a local (green) street cabinet and then to your premises.

What is different with Fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband – sometimes referred to as ‘fibre-optic broadband’ – utilises fibre-optic cables in the delivery of broadband. Fibre-optic cables are immune to interference and do not suffer the signal attenuation experienced by copper lines. Fibre Broadband significantly improves the speed of your internet connection.

Windows Server 2003 will conclude extended support in July 2015. Unlike its desktop counterpart Windows XP which expired this past April. The volume of systems affected is considerably less however the planning amount of work involved to upgrade a server system is much greater.

Unlike previous upgrades in the past in not just a case of choosing the latest version of your expired product. For small business in particular there is no current replacement option with Microsoft choosing to blend their offerings with on premise and cloud based options.

We at Cowley Computer Solutions are experienced in upgrading Server Infrastructures. We help by choosing the best available solutions for your business.


If your business is running older server side systems or your just not sure please feel free to contact us and we will review your system and help develop and upgrade plan over the coming months.